Overhead Cranes

Overhead Crane Services in Portland OR and Oregon City ORMetro Machinery Rigging can provide the necessary equipment to remove and/or install your traveling, overhead cranes. Smaller overhead cranes can be removed and/or installed with forklifts from our existing fleet. Medium size overhead cranes can be accommodated by utilizing our 75 ton tri-lifter. In the event a large overhead crane at a higher elevation needs to be removed and/or installed, Metro Machinery Rigging can utilize our 250 ton gantry, coupled with a turntable, to accommodate the replacement of any large overhead crane.

In addition, if there is sufficient overhead height above the overhead crane, Metro Machinery Rigging can also utilize a crane to install and/or remove your overhead crane. With crane capacity ranging from 50 ton to 550 ton, we can accommodate any size overhead crane.

Metro Machinery Rigging can also provide overhead crane track system installation (or removal) including millwright services for laser leveling and aligning runway track. With our strategic partnerships we can provide quotes to service, inspect and maintain your overhead cranes, jib hoists or stand-alone hoists as well as the purchase of any standard or custom overhead crane or hoist item.

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