Medical Equipment

medical equipment transportation, medical equipment moving in Oregon and WashingtonMetro Machinery Rigging has a long history of working in the medical field throughout the Portland/Vancouver metroplex and our customers range from small medical clinics to light hospitals. Centralized dispatch, shipment tracking, and state-of-the-art equipment are just some of the ways we ensure that your medical equipment, machinery, and electronics are moved on time and in perfect condition. We have the capabilities to remove and install medical equipment that ranges from light weight optical tables to large scale MRI units.

We have the ability to install (or remove) sensitive equipment at grade level or at higher elevations through building windows utilizing our equipment platform, coupled with a high reach crane. In addition, we can work off peak hours to mitigate any interruption to a thriving office environment. Metro Machinery Rigging will not only wrap/crate your equipment, we will also protect the floors, walls and doorways as we move it through your pristine environment. In addition, Metro Machinery Rigging can utilize laser leveling to install your medical equipment and then core drill to install anchor bolts for final inspections.

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