HVAC movers/moving services industrial equipment movers/moving services machinery movers/moving services in Oregon and WashingtonMetro Machinery Rigging has a vast array of machinery moving equipment and lifting solutions to accommodate the most challenging mechanical or HVAC equipment project. For equipment coming out of basements, we have power assisted stair climbers, polyurethane machine skates, electric pallet jacks, boom trucks and cranes to lift your equipment.

For equipment going into the side of a building, Metro Machinery Rigging has several certified lifting platforms that can be utilized to place equipment into and through window openings. Your equipment can be loaded onto the platform while on the ground then, the platform is rigged to a crane and lifted into position. On the side of the lifting platform, an offload ramp can be sized for the window opening and serve as the transition area to move the equipment through the opening and into the building. Metro Machinery Rigging can provide the equipment to deliver your equipment into the side of a building at any elevation.

For equipment going onto the rooftop of a building, Metro Machinery Rigging can provide crane and lifting services for your equipment, no matter how large, or heavy. Metro Machinery Rigging also has an assortment of skates, slide systems, and other machinery moving components than can be used to transition your equipment from the side of the building rooftop toward any area on the roof, including installation of equipment into penthouses or other rooftop structures.

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