High Tech & Clean Room

clean room protocol in Oregon and WashingtonMetro Machinery Rigging has an extensive history of working within the high tech industry and we also have many years of experience working in clean rooms. Currently, Metro Machinery Rigging maintains a dedicated clean room trailer that is outfitted with specialty tools for clean room purposes. With a dedicated and specially equipped trailer that is used only for clean rooms, we are able to ensure that we mitigate, if not eliminate, bringing in outside contaminants.
Metro Machinery Rigging clean room tools include:

  • Wood dunnage that is wrapped/sealed to keep wood free of dirt and oil.
  • Skates and rollers with Polyurethane wheels that are kept free of debris.
  • Steel sheets and plating material for flooring protection that are dirt and rust free.
  • Non-hydraulic track and toe jacks with engineered dampeners
  • Air bearings that are both high capacity and designed for low vibration.
  • Powered rollers
  • Laser leveling, grouting, anchoring
  • Electric powered pallet jacks

In addition, Metro Machinery Rigging employees are well trained in clean room protocol and are familiar with dressing out in Tyvek gear to maintain a pristine environment.

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