Boilers & Furnaces

Boilers and Furnaces - boiler relocation, boiler moving/mover services, transport in Oregon and WashingtonMetro Machinery Rigging works in a myriad of industrial sectors that require the installation and removal of Boilers and Furnaces. In most cases, the areas surrounding this type of equipment have minimal clearance. For removal, we utilize mechanical toe jacks that don’t require pumps or hoses such that we can work in confined spaces.

After placing the jacks and lifting your equipment, we install skates and can utilize forklifts or electric winches to maneuver your equipment in/out of buildings. If the components are elevated, we can utilize air tuggers and/or chain falls to lower the equipment to grade. For installation we understand that the slightest impact can negatively impact refractory lined or sensitively calibrated equipment. As a result, our highly trained field personnel at Metro Machinery rigging has the ability to carefully install your equipment in any environment.
In addition, Metro Machinery Rigging can provide leveling, anchor bolt installation, and grouting for final placement of all units.

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