In the Pacific Northwest, Metro Machinery Rigging has positioned itself as a leader for machinery moving, crane work, and heavy transport. We have gained this reputation and large following by consistently arriving at safe and efficient solutions in which to handle your most difficult problems.
Whether your project involves machinery moving, crane work, or heavy transport for components of any size, more than likely, we have the equipment and experienced personnel to accommodate the work.

Have a challenge? Let Metro Machinery Rigging provide innovative solutions

Machinery Moving services in Portland OR and Vancouver WA

Machinery Moving

From single machines to complete plant relocations, Metro Machinery Rigging has been moving the immovable for over 30 years. We understand that your equipment should be handled safely and efficiently.

Tower and Crane Hoist Solutions in Portland OR and Vancouver WA

Tower Crane and Hoist

Metro Machinery Rigging will supply you with solution for tower cranes and construction hoists in the Northwest. Metro Rigging is providing city class Potain tower cranes and Allimak construction hoists, which are two top worldwide brands in their respective class.

Wind Power Solutions In Portland OR

Wind Power Services

Metro Wind services provides highly trained technicians that will maintain and service your wind turbine generators and provide major component replacement for, gear boxes, rotors, generators, and blades. We offer a turn-key solution for maintaining your WTG’s and provide the technicians and furnish the heavy lift cranes necessary to perform the major component change outs as well.

Plant and Shop Relocation in Portland OR

Plant/Shop Relocation

Metro Machinery Rigging has a successful history of assisting many of our customers with relocating their entire facility from one location to another. We have an extensive inventory of forklifts, cranes and other specialty lifting and hoisting equipment to accommodate any size of relocation project.

Heavy Lift and Transport in Portland OR

Heavy Lift & Transport

Metro Machinery Rigging not only focuses on the installation and moving of small to medium size equipment, we also can accommodate your heavy lift, heavy rigging and transport needs.

Transformer Services in Portland OR and Oregon City OR


Metro Machinery Rigging employees have a long history of relocating and transporting large transformers for a multitude of public utilities throughout the Pacific Northwest, as well as, the removal and installation of smaller transformers for various Electrical and General Contractors.

Clean Room Protocol

High Tech & Clean Room

Metro Machinery Rigging has an extensive history working within the high tech industry. We can receive your equipment and store it in our heated warehouse to meet your schedule. Metro Machinery Rigging will then transport, uncrate, and install your equipment. MMR also has the equipment and experience to work in clean room environments.

Precision Alignment & Leveling

Millwright & Precision Alignment

Need to meet alignment and leveling tolerances on your machinery? We have the equipment and experience to do the job right! Metro Machinery rigging can provide laser leveling, core drilling and anchor bolt securement for final placement and inspection of your equipment. We also install shim packs, scales, dampeners and can grout your equipment as required

HVAC/Air Handling Equipment/Mechanical

HVAC/Air Handling Equipment/Mechanical

Metro Machinery Rigging has a vast array of machinery moving equipment and lifting solutions to accommodate the most challenging mechanical or HVAC equipment project, for equipment coming out of basements, going into the side of a building, or going onto the rooftop of a building.

Printing Presses

Printing Presses

Metro Machinery Rigging has successfully moved, relocated, and installed a large portion of printing presses throughout the Northwest. Whether your press is a small two color press in the bottom of a building, or a large web press, Metro Machinery Rigging has the equipment to move your printing press.

Overhead Crane Services in Portland OR and Oregon City OR

Overhead Cranes

Metro Machinery Rigging can provide the necessary equipment to remove and/or install your traveling, overhead cranes. Smaller overhead cranes can be removed and/or installed with forklifts from our existing fleet. Medium size overhead cranes can be accommodated by utilizing our 75 ton tri-lifter.

medical equipment transportation, medical equipment moving in Oregon and Washington

Medical Equipment

Metro Machinery Rigging can safely move your medical equipment. We can meet specific load and delivery dates and times when moving sensitive medical equipment and electronics, including MRI machines and other high-value radiology and electronic equipment.

Boilers & Furnaces

Boilers & Furnaces

Metro Machinery Rigging has the people and equipment to efficiently handle any boiler or furnace move from the beginning of your project to the very end. Our crews are trained in all aspects of moving boilers and furnaces. No matter the weight, size or sensitivity of your equipment we can design and erect a system that will allow for the safe lowering, moving, positioning and lifting of the equipment.



Metro Machinery Rigging has the ability to store inventory either outside or, for weather and temperature sensitive equipment, we can store your equipment inside our climate controlled warehouses. As a means in which to earn your business, Metro Machinery Rigging will provide the first month of storage, free of charge, when storing items that we install at a later date.

Crating Services in Portland OR and Oregon City OR


Metro Machinery Rigging can provide a multitude of crating services ranging from receiving your equipment and uncrating it for installation, or we can provide crating services to enclose your equipment and prepare it for international shipping.

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