Heavy & Specialized Hauling


Heavy and Specialized Hauling by Metro Machinery Rigging - Serving Seattle WA Vancouver WA and Portland ORMetro Machinery Rigging performs heavy haul projects on a routine basis. Our transport equipment includes gear boxes, cranes, or press brakes, transformers, refinery vessels and a host of other large, over-dimensional cargo items.

  • Platform Trailers:  Hydraulic, self-leveling trailers to transport heavy equipment on site.
  • Heavy Hauling: Prime Movers, Heavy haul trucks with high capacity rear ends, 11 and 13 multi-axle lowboy trailer combinations.
  • Dolly transporters: Custom built dolly transporters to accommodate over the road transport at legal axle weight.
  • RGN:  Removable Gooseneck trailers, can be used to transport heavy duty rolling stock or equipment that can be driven onto a trailer.
  • Beaver Tail/Tilt Decks: Can be used to load smaller size rolling stock such as forklifts, man lifts, scissor lifts, excavators, and backhoes.
  • Curtain Vans: Trailers with soft-sided tarps on the side which can be rolled up for side loading of equipment. Trailers are designed to keep equipment dry.
  • Flatbeds: MMR has an assortment of flatbeds and step-deck trailers used to transport a wide variety of equipment. Trailers can typically haul up to 40,000 lbs. and many of the trailers have air ride suspension.
  • Cargo Vans (with lift gates): We also have smaller cargo vans that can be utilized to weather protect your equipment. In addition, each of the cargo vans has a hydraulic lift gate that can be used to self-load your equipment.
  • Box Vans: trailers with rigid side and tops that are loaded from the rear of the trailer. Your equipment will be kept out of the elements.
  • Carts: MMR has an assortment of industrial carts that can be hand maneuvered or pulled with a forklift inside a warehouse environment. Capacities range from light to heavy, industrial components up to 60,000 lbs.

Heavy Haul Transportation

In order to transport the heaviest of components for our customers, we have a fleet of standard over the road tractors and 4-axle heavy haul tractors with high capacity rear drive axles.
All of our over the road tractors have installed GPS tracking so we can inform our customers, in real time, the location of their cargo as it is being transported.

In addition to our fleet of tractors, we can also furnish dolly transport systems, platform trailers, and specialty flat-deck carts to move your cargo. Metro Machinery Rigging can provide route surveys and obtain approval from local and regional government agencies for over-dimensional/over-weight heavy haul permits. Our knowledgeable staff will ensure loads are in compliance with all state and federal highway regulations and successfully transport your large equipment components.

Whether your cargo is delicate or heavy, Metro Machinery Rigging has the trailers and transport systems to accommodate your specialized transportation needs.

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