Specialty Lifting

Specialty lifting services by Metro Machinery Rigging -serving Vancouver WA and Portland ORMetro Machinery Rigging’s Tri Lifter is specifically designed to move heavy loads in confined spaces. It is perfect for moving heavy industrial machinery and equipment, and tilting and setting presses. Whatever the Tri Lifter picks up, it can carry. Easy to transport, the Tri Lifter can be driven on and off a low-loader or a step frame trailer under its own power. Wide wheels spaced to distribute the weight of the Tri Lifter and its load minimizes floor loading.

Metro Machinery Rigging also has access to a well-maintained fleet of all-terrain, crawler, conventional truck, and rough-terrain cranes. Cranes are deployed with an operator, crew and all ancillary rigging and support equipment to fulfill any technical or demanding lift you may have.

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