Forklift operator, forklift rental forklift services electric forklift, propane forklift, diesel forklift, gas forklift in Oregon and WashingtonMetro Machinery Rigging maintains one of the largest forklift fleets in the Pacific Northwest. With capacities ranging from 3,000 pounds to 120,000 lbs, our forklifts can accommodate just about any project ranging from small warehouse work to lifting and moving very large, heavy equipment.

They type of our forklifts vary so that we can accommodate your needs:

  • Electric: Utilized to operate inside buildings, warehouses and other enclosed spaces.
  • Propane: The majority of our mid-range forklifts run on propane and are also suitable to operate inside most closed spaces or warehouse environments.
  • Diesel/Gas: Utilized by our large forklifts to accommodate lifting heavy components up to 120,000 pounds.

All of our forklift operators at Metro Machinery Rigging have been trained and certified to operate each of the forklifts. New employees go through an apprenticeship program for training and will not be able to operate any forklift, without supervision, until they have successfully completed the program.

We know that there can be large costs associated with either installing or removing your equipment, therefore, we are diligent about preventing breakdowns. That is, Metro Machinery Rigging has a preventative maintenance program which ensures that our forklift fleet is mechanically sound in order to ensure that breakdowns are mitigated.

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