Metro Machinery Equipment has been in business for over 30 years and continues to invest in equipment that will accommodate your small/light and large/heavy moving needs. Utilizing mini pin rollers for sliding or a mini-gantry with chain falls for rotating or laying down equipment, we can accommodate just about any project. Metro Machinery Rigging has 120,000 lb. capacity forklifts, 250-ton capacity gantry, 75-ton Tri Lifter, and we can also provide heavy lift crane service to accommodate your largest lifting needs.

In addition to your equipment moving and transport projects, Metro now provides tower crane rentals for the construction trades throughout the Pacific Northwest. Our turnkey tower crane service includes: consulting/engineering, delivery, set-up, operator (if needed), disassembly, demobilization and an optional maintenance package. Metro Machinery Rigging also offers a variety of cranes to service your heavy lifting needs, from small rooftop HVAC unit placement to transformer and Wind Turbine Generator work.

In order to augment our machinery moving efforts, Metro Machinery Rigging also provides heavy haul services and warehousing. We can pick up your equipment from any port or manufacturer, transport it to our facility and store the item in our warehouse until you are ready for installation.

Forklift operator, forklift rental forklift services electric forklift, propane forklift, diesel forklift, gas forklift in Oregon and Washington


Metro Machinery Rigging maintains one of the largest forklift fleets in the Pacific Northwest. With capacities ranging from 3,000 pounds to 120,000 lbs, our forklifts can accommodate just about any project ranging from small warehouse work to lifting and moving very large, heavy equipment.

Heavy Rigging by Metro Machinery Rigging - serving Portland OR and Vancouver WA

Specialty Lifting

Metro Machinery Rigging provides specialized rigging equipment. Metro has rigging equipment to handle any rigging job in a turnkey fashion with gantry systems, jack and slide systems, tri lifter and moving dollies and a wide range of rigging gear.

Cranes and heavy Lifting by Metro Machinery Rigging - serving Portland OR and Vancouver WA

Tower Crane & Hoist

The Population and the economy in the Pacific Northwest continues to grow.  As a result of this growth, Metro Tower Services is providing tower crane and hoist services for the construction trades. Our tower and construction hoist packages provide you with the safest and most affordable solution to your project.

Heavy haul crane service by Metro Machinery Rigging -serving Vancouver WA and Portland OR


Our heavy haul trucking service is your transport solution for any overweight, over dimensional or specialized load shipment. We offer years of experience and a wide variety transport equipment to meet your most challenging transportation needs.

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